April 23: Amber Boydstun UC/Davis

Amber Boydstun will be presenting her very ambitious project to develop a general set of political frames using state of the art computational methods.

Paper title: Identifying Media Frames and Frame Dynamics Within and Across Policy Issues


Framing is a central concept in political communication and a powerful political tool. We describe a project that advances framing research methodology in two ways. First, we are developing a unifi ed coding scheme for content analysis across issues,
whereby issue-speci fic frames (e.g., innocence) are nested within high-level dimensions (or frame types) that cross-cut issues (e.g., fairness). Second, we are developing methods for semi-automated and automated frame discovery aimed at both replicating manual coding and isolating patterns of frame evolution that might not be readily visible to human inspection. Our
goal is to employ strategies heavily informed by existing work in natural language processing, but tailored to the specifi c needs and professional sensibilities of political communications scholars.